Sewer Backups & Other Emergencies

If you have had a back-up, please read this information carefully in order to protect your property.

General Information

If you ever experience a problem with your sanitary sewer system, you can call 636-447-4944 for 24-hour emergency service.

If you have a sewer back-up, please contact Duckett Creek Sanitary District as soon as possible. Call 636-447-4944 for 24 hour emergency service. The District will respond to all calls to determine the cause of the problem and take corrective action. If the cause is in the customer’s lateral line, the customer will be informed so that he or she can arrange for a plumber to correct the problem.

Customers should take the following actions to help limit the damage caused by a sewer back-up.

  1. All water and sewage should be immediately removed from the basement. This can be accomplished through the use of wet vacs.
  2. Remove all wet rugs, clothes, boxes and other items from the basement area. All rugs, clothing, and other washable items should be washed immediately.
  3. All water should be extracted from the carpet and then the carpet should be cleaned and deodorized.
  4. If the water is high enough to involve a motor on a furnace or an electrical appliance, a reputable repair person should be called to remove the motor and have it dried. In most cases, motors can be dried without incurring any damage to the motor.
  5. All concrete or tile floors should be washed down with fresh water, and then washed with a strong cleanser such as Lysol®, or other odor killing solution.
  6. All items, such as sewing machines and typewriters, that have finely machined parts should be taken immediately to a repair facility so that they may be cleaned and oiled.
  7. All items contained inside wet boxes should be removed, cleaned, then dried and the boxes thrown away.
  8. All wood furniture should be thoroughly dried and wiped with an oil base wood polish.
  9. All wet paper items should be removed from the basement and stored outside or disposed of depending on the condition and value.
  10. The basement area should be thoroughly dried. Floor fans and a dehumidifier are recommended, if available. Floor fans and dehumidifiers can be rented from a local rental shop.
  11. Do not throw anything away except for inexpensive paper products until a Sewer District representative has had a chance to inspect them.

Lateral Line Problems

“Clogs” in the home’s lateral line cause most sewer back-ups. The lateral line is the sewer line running from the home to the main sewer line. Items flushed down a drain or toilet can easily clog this line. In addition, roots from trees can break into the line and block its flow.

This line is considered part of the home and is the responsibility of the homeowner. In most cases, homeowner policies do not cover damage caused by problems with the lateral sewer line.

For repairs to the customer’s lateral line, the District has a Sewer Lateral program that can assist with repairing the line itself. Call 636-441-1244 for more information.

Back Up Reimbursement

Although not liable, under some circumstances Duckett Creek may reimburse homeowners up to $5,000 for damage to the home. Call 636-441-1244 for more information or click here to read our policy on back ups, and download the “Loss Report” from here.