Builder & Contractors FAQ


What process is involved in order to construct sanitary sewer mains and/or make connections to District’s system?

For private sewer lateral connections, the homeowner/property owner must sign a DCSD Connection Agreement and pay a Sanitary Sewer Connection Fee prior to connection to the system. A recorded two-party easement is required for laterals crossing other property. DCSD Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees for single-family residential connections are $800.00 per home. Connection Fees for Non-residential connections are based on water meter size. DCSD inspection of the connection to the main is required. Submittal of an engineering drawing of the proposed sanitary sewer lateral is required in some cases. Please call the Engineering Department for more details.

For installation of public sanitary sewer mains, procedures detailed on the attached DCSD Sanitary Sewer Escrow Release Flow Chart must be observed. To begin the plan review and approval process, the attached DCSD Application for Construction Permit must be submitted to the District, along with initial submittal of two sets of Engineering drawings for review of the proposed sanitary sewer main extension project. There must be DCSD approved plans, executed Escrow, Connection & Dedication Agreements, paid Connection Fees and DCSD Permit issuance prior to installation of any sanitary sewer mains in the District. District inspection is required. DCSD Inspection Fees will be collected prior to final escrow release, Acceptance of Dedication and Project Close Out. The project developer is responsible for all items required by the District in the plan approval, construction and acceptance process.

All inquiries regarding DCSD Engineering Design Requirements, plan approval, Connection Fees, Connection & Dedication Agreements, etc., should be directed to the Engineering Department at the District Office located at 3550 Highway K, or by telephoning 636-441-1244 or faxing 636-498-8150.

What area of St. Charles County does Duckett Creek Sanitary District (DCSD) serve?

DCSD is a political sub-district of the State of Missouri, and is not a department or division of the County or City. Because the DCSD service area was established to serve geographical drainage areas instead of political areas, the DCSD boundary lines do not coincide with any County or City boundary lines. Generally speaking, the DCSD serves an area which could be described as the southern half of the Golden Triangle (The Golden Triangle is an area roughly bounded by Highways I-70, I-64,/US 40-61, and the Missouri River). However, there are some areas south of I-64/US 40-61 that are served by the District. The District’s Engineering Department can answer questions regarding specific service locations. The attached DCSD boundary map shows the District’s major service area.

Does DCSD have jurisdiction over all storm and sanitary sewers within its boundaries?

No. DCSD has no jurisdiction over storm sewers. DCSD is a sanitary sewer district only. As such, all sanitary sewer main extensions tributary to the DCSD Wastewater Treatment facilities and collection system must be approved by the District. All sanitary sewer main construction and connections to the system require DCSD construction plan approval and inspection.

How can I find out where the District’s sanitary sewer mains are?

DCSD maintains records of where the public mains are located. Engineering personnel are available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to assist in determining sanitary sewer main locations. Sewer main locations also may be flagged upon request to the Inspection Department.