Purchasing and Bidding

Duckett Creek Sanitary District is a government sewer district and follows the bidding and purchasing requirements set by Missouri Statute.

For information about bidding opportunities or to ask additional information, please contact the person referenced in the bidding request or contact Yan Shi, 636-498-8136 or shi@duckettcreek.com




Bidding Requirements

Below are links to related documents that may be required for each bid process



Closed Bids

  • Engineering Consulting Services Request for Qualifications 11-9-2018
  • Flexible Spending Account Administration Services Request for Written Quote 11-9-2018
  • Purchasing Card and/or Accounts Payable Card Program Request for Proposal 9-25-2018
  • Ergo Hinged Rings and Covers Request for Written Quote 10-25-2018
  • East Jordan Manhole Frames and Covers Request for Written Quote 10-25-2018
  • Flushing Video Nozzle Request for Written Quote 10-19-2018
  • Janitorial Services Request for Written Quote 10-1-2018
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Request for Written Quote 7-31-2018
  • Network Security Audit Request for Qualifications 6-29-2018
  • Concrete Manhole Sections and Grade Rings Request for Written Quote 7-2-2018
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Angle and Plate Request for Written Quote 6-27-2018
  • Concrete Blocks Request for Written Quote 6-25-2018
  • Sewer Lateral Program Asphalt Repair Services Request for Proposal 6-1-2018
  • Sewer Lateral Concrete Repair Request for Proposal 6-1-2018
  • Grit Pump Request for Proposal 5-31-2018
  • Solid Waste Hauling/Disposal/Recycling Services Request for Written Quote 5-23-2018
  • Excavation and Sewer Main Repair/Replacement Services Request for Proposal 5-11-2018
  • Concrete Repair Request for Proposal 5-11-2018
  • Tree Removal request for Proposal 5-11-2018
  • Employee Compensation Study Request for Proposal 3-20-2018
  • Uniforms Request for Price Quote 2-26-2018
  • UPS Preventive Maintenance Service Request for Price Quote 1-26-2018
  • 401K Co-Fiduciary Investment Advisory Services Request for Proposal 12-20-2017
  • Office Supplies Request for Price Quote 9-6-2017
  • Petroleum Fuel Invitation for Formal Bid 8-3-2017
  • Bill Printing and Mailing Services Request for Price Quote 7-24-2017
  • HVAC Maintenance and Mechanical Services Request for Proposal 7-14-2017
  • Overhead Cranes and Hoists Inspection Request for Proposal 7-07-2017
  • Lawn Maintenance Services Request for Written Quote 6-12-2017
  • Aquarium Maintenance Services Request for Price Quote 5-15-2017
  • Postal Machine Request for Proposal 4-4-2017
  • Field cell service Request for Proposal 4-4-2017
  • Duckett Creek Banking Services Request for Proposal 2-6-2017