Increased Fees Go Into Effect Spring 2024

These two fees will increase on the dates indicated below:

Like some utilities, Duckett Creek is a governmental, not a for-profit entity.  We do not exist to make a profit and operate as efficiently as possible to keep rates down for our customers.  We do not however have control of fees that are charged to us for services like those listed above. 

Two of these fees, water disconnection fees and credit card processing fees, are increasing dramatically. We choose to pass fees to the customers that use the service rather than absorbing the fees and increasing costs for all customers. This way, only the customers that use these services pay the fees.

Effective March 1st 2024, Missouri American Water raises disconnect and reconnect fees SIGNIFICANTLY from $28 to $94 each, totaling $188-$282. These fees are doubled after-hours.

These fees are charged to Duckett with every water “shut-off” (disconnect and reconnect) and passed on to customers.  Only customers that reach a delinquency status and have their water turned off will be charged these fees.

Customers can always call Duckett Creek during business hours to make a payment prior to disconnect to avoid these fees. Our telephone number is 636-441-1244 and we are open 8-4:30, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Approximately 30% of Duckett Creek customers choose to pay by credit card which costs $233,000 annually for credit card processing fees. We realize that accepting credit card payments is a part of doing business, however there are other options to pay your bill that are free of charge.  Therefore, Duckett Creek passes on fees to only the customers who use these services rather than increasing sewer charges for everyone in order to pay these fees.

Currently, Duckett charges only a small $1.25 per credit card transaction to offset our portion of the cost. 

Due to credit card processing fees dramatically increasing, the following change will occur on April 1, 2024: Credit card processing fees will increase from $1.25 to a 2% charge (minimum of $1.80).

Only customers who pay by credit card will be charged this “pass through” fee. Online payments and Voice Prompted phone payments will be charged an additional fee for those services.

You can conveniently pay for free by signing up for in-house ACH payments from your bank account which will occur automatically each month. Click here to access the form.

Starting January 1st, Duckett Creek will notify customers on our bills that fees are increasing and direct customers to this website page for more information. Staff will also inform customers of these changes when customers call our office.

If you have any questions about the fees mentioned above, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service staff members who are happy to help.Our telephone number is 636-441-1244 and we are open 8-4:30, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.