2023 Rate Increase

In order to sustain the current level of service and maintenance as well as support growing system needs, the Duckett Creek Board of Trustees held public hearings on January 19, 2023 regarding a rate increase. The board subsequently voted to increase the commercial consumption rate by $1.00 per thousand gallons and the minimum and residential rate from $21.75 per month to $26.75 on March 1, 2023. Notification of the hearings was mailed to customers on December 9, 2022.  Advance notice of the increase was provided in our letter to commercial customers last year, along with the planned three year phased in approach to reach a commercial rate comparable and equal to our residential rate. 

We conduct an annual survey of wastewater utility providers in St. Charles County and Duckett Creek is the only sewer utility without comparable residential and commercial rates. Other county sewer utilities have equal rates for residential and commercial. The commercial rate increase will address this disparity.  The annual survey also showed that Duckett Creek continues to be one of the lowest rates in our county and our minimum rate has not increased since March of 2014. 

The decision to adjust rates was considered to address maintenance improvements necessary to support the needs of our system and customers, as well as to have the required reserves to meet our financial requirements for our debt service covenants.  The board and staff at Duckett Creek are committed to continue operating the system in the most economical way possible, seeking to have a long term rate stabilization period through 2032 with current estimated projections.

An official record of the Public Hearings presentation can be found here: Board Meetings. All current financial statements and operating budgets can also be found here: Financial Information

We thank you for your understanding in this matter. We look forward to continuing to provide you with one of the most reliable and affordable sanitary sewer services in the area.