Your Money at Work

In 2014, Duckett Creek Sanitary District began planning upgrades to the treatment plant at Missouri Research Park (TP2).   The 22-year-old plant was in need of new equipment and expansion of its treatment capacity due to the growth in the county and environmental regulations.   The upgrades to the plant are getting close to completion.

Burns & McDonnell designed the upgrades in 2015 and River City Construction started the upgrades at the end of 2016.  The project included building new tankage and equipment for processing more solids and replacing existing equipment with newer technology and efficiency.  The generator, bar screens, blowers, disinfection and conveyor system were some of the major equipment items replaced.  The overall cost of the upgrades at TP2 were approximately $13 million.  This project will keep the District in compliance for many years into the future.

The pictures below are just a few of the completed work.


New Generator New Clarifier
New Blowers New Bar Screens